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GET READY FOR PRIMETIME FITNESS is a multi faceted training program that utilize’s natural strength training to assist your mind and body in reaching your specific maximum potential. Sessions are facilitated by Dion Michael Ashman who has personally used these techniques to lose 35lbs and redefine his body composition.

Commitment plays a key role in what we do with this program, for when you are committed you do not think about apprehension or failure, you only think about your end result and that is creating a healthier more fit lifestyle ,change for the benefit of family, spirituality and yourself. With GET READY FOR PRIMETIME FITNESS SESSIONS, you will be challenged to do what you are mentally and physically able to do on that given day. You will be worked with and met where you currently are each day and escorted to a higher level each session. Remember 95% of what a person will do is totally related to their current psychology for that given day. This program will broaden that psychology and have you yearning for more.

This program is a fusion of many aspects of strength training coming together.
Real People, Real Commitment, Real Health Issues and Real Results.
Tweak Your Mind & Your Body Will Follow.

GET READY FOR PRIMETIME FITNESS SESSIONS are structured in the Following way:

  1. Training is from Sunday to Thursdays only.
  2. Each session is 45 minutes, call to set your training schedule.
  3. All clients train a minimum of 2-3 times per week, no exceptions.
  4. All clients train for a 12 week period to ensure measurable results.
  5. Dion Michael Ashman will be your Peak Performance Fitness Coach.
  6. Payments are Made on the 15th of each month via Credit, Charge or Debit Card only. Via Automatic Pay Pal Billing.
  7. To reschedule a session please allow 48 hours to insure proper logistics

FOR MORE INFO, CONTACT or call (917) 658-2608

El Garage Workout

Kym Hampton, WNBA Pioneer (NY Liberty)
Dion Michael Ashman, GET F.I.T.
Kym Hampton, WNBA Pioneer (NY Liberty)
Kenya Sollas
Stacey Smith
(L-R) Rukiya, Rosemarie, Saadia & Yolette
Wendy Watel-Burno
Regina Watson




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